at 432 × 648 in Welcome!

When her father loses the family’s Nevada ranch in a poker game, Hope McNaughton decides to win it back—from New Jersey Mafia boss Big Julie Saladino. She hasn’t played cards in a while. But she’s got time…thirty days. Thirty days before they have to move out or swim with the fishes.

Hope calls on her honorary uncles—who are totally legit, honestly—to sharpen her game. Poker champion Tanner Wingate—whose shady past is all behind him, really (except when the cops come calling)—wants to pull her out of that deep water and into his life.

Hope doesn’t want to get mixed up with card sharks who are too much like her father—irresponsible gamblers who cheat, take too many risks, and hurt their families. But she’ll do what she has to do to get the ranch back.

When she and Tanner both wind up in the Big Game with Big Julie, only one of them can win and neither can afford to lose. And whoever walks away with the pot will be the biggest loser.

But Tanner knows that the game’s not really over until the fat lady sings, and all they need is a fake black ops mission to discover that love’s not such a gamble, after all.

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