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All right, I had major surgery, then I had a setback. Then I got bit by a tick. Then I got busy at work. Still, I wrote most days during NaNoWriMo, the first time I ever joined. I surpassed my personal goal. (Okay, goal was 15K words, and I hit 16K. Not earthshaking, since NaNo’s goal for writers is 50K for the month. But it’s been surgery, setback, tick, work.) I can’t say I’m a huge fan of NaNo, but I thought it would put me on the Right Track. Get me Moving again. Help me Set Up A Schedule.

Yeah, that didn’t work.

I haven’t written for a week, since the close of NaNo. I’m really busy, I’ve still had the surgery, the setback, and the tick. In a week I’ll leave for a long and complicated family holiday visit. But no more fooling around. I’m going to get up and get going and write. Most days. If I can surpass my personal goals in November, I can surpass them in December, too. They aren’t huge.

But if they’re steady, I’ll finish the book.

And that’s the Pep Talk to Me. Just like from NaNo!

Blogging, blogging everywhere


I’ve accepted some invitations to guest blog. I know, it’s ironic–I’m not putting up anything here, but I can put stuff up elsewhere. Don’t blame me, it’s the economy.

So first up, I’m blogging over at Shawna Thomas’s place next week Friday, Nov. 4, about what I’m thankful for. For the sake of her readers, I wanted to be thoughtful, but instead I ripped off a cultural icon. If you have time next week, drop on by. She made this lovely image for us to post on our own blogs, which color coordinates accidentally but beautifully with my background theme. It’s that tawny notice just over there to the right in the sidebar. Maybe you recognize some of the other writers who will be participating.

Then on Nov. 25 I’m guest blogging with PJ Schnyder. She’s got a bunch of people talking about NaNoWriMo, the November writing month phenomenon that Chris Baty started in 1999 with 20 friends. Their goal was to write 50,000 words, or a complete book. Six of them made it. Last year 200,500 people participated, and 37,500 got to the 50,000-words mark. On PJ’s blog, I’ll be discussing why I will never be one of these people. If you want to become one of the 200,500, check out NaNoWriMo here.